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Apikia is constructed in the form of a neighborhood. The entrance through the canopied walkway leads to a secret garden, where all members guests of our Apikia are welcome to gather and enjoy the sounds of the reed fields, watch the grapes grow in their basket weave nests and enjoy every modern amenity one can think of. Through the internal walkway the view opens out to a panorama of the Caldera and the neighboring islands. Our suites, separated from one another by rich greenery, have spectacular views of Fira throughout the day; doused in sunlight during the date, yet absolutely stunning at night. The windows are attentively located so as to maximize our guests’ visual pleasure. This new “neighborhood” of Pyrgos encloses at the same time tradition, functionality and future direction, setting the pace for the era.

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The land that today houses Apikia Suites holds a story that is a part of Santorini’s everyday life and history. This story dates to a time when Santorini was in constant threat of pirate raids, and the need for fortifications lead to the creation of the Kastelia, like the one at Pyrgos Village nearby. Back then, the Apikia estate was entrusted by the locals to the Monastery of Prophet Elias before it was bestowed to the family that owns it to this day.

“Once upon a time, lived a young girl named Georgia. Her father would bring her along every time he came here so that he could help him with the vineyard and keep him company.
She would hear the whispering wind, gaze at the sea, sing and play cheerfully around her dad working the land. She deeply loved that place. She felt as if the place belonged to her, even though they did not own it…yet.

Apikia Santorini
Apikia Santorini
Apikia Santorini


She would take care of the vine, pick flowers and build little houses with stones and pebbles and dream. Dream of owning this very land. Of building a large home with plenty of room for everyone. Whoever worked this land fell in love with it, even if it wasn’t theirs. Every time she came here, she picked a pebble and kept it till the next time, when she would pick another one. Every time, a new pebble; every time, a new hope. That girl is not with us anymore. Before she left though, she left her box full of pebbles to me, together with her dream.

“My boy, these stones belong to you now. You know what you have to do. For old time’s sake, for love, for the memories…”

So today we are welcoming you to our APIKIA, a modern suites property with respect to the dreams that flourished here.

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