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Sound Healing & Yoga Retreat

Holistic retreat / yoga, meditation, massage therapy, sound healing

While enjoying your vacation in Apikia, you have the unique opportunity to indulge yourself to a Sound Healing – Therapy Retreat in the privacy of your suite; perfect for those seeking tranquility, rejuvenation and inspiration.

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The sites not-to-be-missed

The famed Kastelia, serene and picturesque, jovially converse with their surroundings. The best-preserved ones are those of Pyrgos and Emporio, whereas those at Oia and Akrotiri are almost entirely gone, with only their ‘Goulas’ watchtowers still standing.

One can admire what remains of Santorini’s rich past in the remarkable archaeological excavations of Akrotiri, the Aegean Pompeii, as well as at Ancient Thera.

The Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Fira showcase significant findings from there and around Santorini, while the Maritime Museum in Oia offers a peek into the life of local seafarers throughout time.

The imposing Skaros Rock at Imerovigli has but a few ruins left standing of its past glory, but it is still worth a visit for its breathtaking views of the archipelago and the sunset.

As for the beauty of Santorini’s architecture, it is all around us, alive in every step we take, and it awaits you to explore.

Apikia Santorini

Walking Tours

Guided tours crafted for travelers who love exploring, enjoy walking, and adore experiencing the local way. Visit the secret spots of Santorini away from the hustle and bustle, walking through ancient paths and picturesque cobblestone alleys. Marvel at the famous caldera, explore whitewashed villages forgotten by time, and take in the amazing scenery in a responsible and eco-friendly way. Join us, and get ready for an experience of outstanding and natural beauty!

Apikia Santorini

The coastal beauty of Santorini

Famous for their unusual colours, the beaches of Santorini are a sight to behold, each with its own character and all unbelievably beautiful. The maroon rocks of the Red Beach and Ammoudi in Oia are spectacular, equaled by the pristine pebbles of the White Beach. The steep cliffs of Vlychada create an otherworldly ambience that takes your breath away, and the black sands of Perissa, Perivolos and Kamari have to be seen to be believed. Some other beaches to look for are Columbo, a secluded beach beneath an imposing rock with unusually warm waters, the quaint Cambia and the charming Armeni harbour, where charming, traditional tavernas offer fresh fish and seafood in a timeless island ambience. Make sure to ask the people of Apikia Santorini for tips and suggestions on the best beaches on Santorini and waterfront activities not-to-be-missed.

Apikia Santorini

Exciting activities to elevate your holidays

A multitude of fun activities with authentic Santorinian character awaits for you to discover and enjoy. From the quintessential cruises to the volcanoes for a hike to the active crater and a dip to the therapeutic hot springs to hiking through the caldera or the medieval alleys of the Kastelia, and from exhilarating watersports to gastronomic experiences in wineries and restaurants around the island, there is a plethora of thrilling things to do when in Santorini. The Apikia Santorini concierge is always at your utter disposal to arrange private cruises, guided tours and private transfers to Santorini’s major attractions, as well as to propose and arrange fun and interesting activities, wine tasting experiences and more, according to your personal preferences.

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