Sound healing retreat / Gong Therapies

While enjoying your vacation in Apikia, you have the unique opportunity to indulge yourself to a Sound Healing – Therapy Retreat in the privacy of your suite; perfect for those seeking tranquility, rejuvenation and inspiration.

 Give yourself time to reflect, rest and reset. Dive into the blissful atmosphere of Santorini and discover ancient sound and yoga healing practices to purify all your senses. Our everyday life is impregnated with unnatural sounds and anxiety that detract us from the physical state of our health. The sound healing retreat, through the vibrational waves of Singing bowls, our voice and the sacred sound of Gong, in combination with breathing exercises, mantra chanting and yoga Asana, moves us gradually to the ideal tuning state of our body, in deep relaxation and emotional balance. This is a luxury sound healing retreat for maximum 2-6 guests, each receiving our special attention to all their individual needs and requirements.

 In this 3-day experience, you will be immersed in a sound-space open to healing, relaxation, clarity, and creating a deep sense of well-being. You will revitalize, purify and balance yourself in harmony. In addition to Sound, yoga and meditation vocal activities we offer a complimentary Holistic therapy on 1-to-1 basis on our healer, who can offer a range of massages therapies. This retreat consists of regular morning and evening sound, yoga & meditation sessions, with optional activities and therapies available throughout the day. A delicious organic healthy vegetarian breakfast and dinner is served daily.
You can tailor-made this unique Sound Healing experience & Yoga Retreat For 1 to 3 days, while staying in Apikia. These are some of the benefits reported by those receiving sound healing treatments:

Improved sleep pattern

Reduction in number and severity of headaches

Reduction of anxiety

Deep relaxation

A more positive attitude to life

Improved stress management

Improved joint function

DNA reconstruction.


Daily pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, chakra Tune Up

2 daily sound healing sessions

1 daily stretching session

New and full moon ceremony (if they correspond with the retreat dates)

1 complimentary Massage Therapy session.

Yoga equipment (mats, etc.)

Daily breakfast and dinner (option for vegans)


8.00– 8.30 Pranayama (breathing exercises)/ meditation

8.30– 9.30 Tuning your body with Tibetan Singing Bowls

9.30- 10.30 Hatha Yoga Breakfast Massage Therapy 1 hour. (Only one session during your retreat)

20.00-21.00 Gong bath session.

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