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Hiking in Santorini: An Experience Made of Stone And Light

When surrounded by the breath-taking natural landscapes of Santorini, there is one way to truly explore and take in the beauty; the simplest way to live a place to the core, to admire and discover its every hidden treasure. Walk around the rocky paths and watch the play of the sun as it repeats its voyage over this magnificent island day in and day out. Hiking in Santorini is an experience made of stone and light.

Hiking is among the highly recommended activities for visitors of Santorini who wish to see the island for what it truly is, an activity that combines beauty, history, and culture and one that is ideal for all ages. A remarkable hiking route is along the caldera, starting from Fira towards Oia, a path that crosses all major villages of Santorini while boasting spectacular views of the sea, the volcanoes, and the caldera. This route is fairly easy and it takes an average of three hours to reach Oia. Another favourite route when hiking in Santorini, and the essence of an experience made of stone and light is the path starting from Pyrgos, where Apikia Santorini is located, to the monastery of Profitis Ilias, then to Ancient Thera atop Mesa Vouno Mountain, and the Kasteli of Emborio Village, ending at the beach of Kamari. During this hike you will enjoy a bit of everything that comprises Santorini; breathtaking sea views from Profitis Ilias, history at the ruins of the ancient Spartan capital of the island, medieval grandeur at Emborio, and majestic natural beauty along the way!

So, get walking and enjoy an experience made of stone and light by hiking in Santorini, starting from the exquisite Apikia and Pyrgos Village to reach the beauty of one of the most spectacular islands of the Aegean. Check out Apikia’s location at www.apikiasantorini.com/location/ and book a stay dedicated to relaxing experiences and Santorini’s beauty now.

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