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The architecture of Apikia Santorini/ Interview with the Architects

Apikia Santorini is an ambitious project by architect Agni Kouvela, who wanted to create a unique hospitality proposal that resembles a neighbourhood, an authentically islandic residence complex that meets the multiple needs of contemporary travellers while leaving nothing to be desired in terms of functionality, beauty, and sustainability. During our Interview with the Architects, to the question ‘What inspired the concept for the architecture of Apikia Santorini?’ Ms Kouvela replies: ‘Seeking personal character, familiarity, but also, the functionality of a permanent residence… My goal was to create a neighbourhood-like complex attuned with the given landscape, to present bioclimatic architecture that limits any arbitrariness of choice and reduces environmental damage and energy burden’.

As we continue with our Interview with the Architects, we seek to discover more about what makes the architecture of Apikia Santorini so distinctive and diverse from conventional hospitality proposals, yet so characteristic of Santorini, and Pyrgos in particular. ‘The complex is characterized but solid, dense aesthetics, values both symbolic and sensorial that reminisce of the Santorini Island and sea complex. At the same time and effortlessly, it intertwines with whatever remains of the local idiom, with familiar shapes of the region’s tradition. The small scale, the deployment of shapes with the protrusion of segments of the façade, the curved terraces are a constant reference to the characteristics of the old residences of Pyrgos. The shapes outwardly express the relevant functions, whereas the multiple view openings, the dormers for natural climate conditioning, the courtyards, satisfy the demands dictated by its eco-conscience. Thick walls and planted terraces contribute to the achievement of thermal comfort,” to conclude “this new ‘neighbourhood’ of Pyrgos encloses at the same time tradition, functionality, and future direction, setting the pace for the era”.

In fact, there is a deep-rooted connection between Pyrgos Village and Apikia Santorini. In the very lands of the owners’ family in Pyrgos, Santorini, which has forever held a special place in their hearts, Apikia was created. The complex was built following the quintessential bold lines of the Cyclades while ensuring majestic views to the caldera’s top from every suite.

We would like to thank Ms Kouvela for offering us this Interview with the Architects. Discover more on the architecture of Apikia Santorini on your own, with a holiday stay that is bound to make you – if anything – a fan of authentic Santorinian living. Click here for more: https://apikiasantorini.com/about/

Architectural design: Agni Kouvela
Interior design, styling: Decostore

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