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Religious Feasts in Santorini

Not-to-miss: Religious Feasts in Santorini

The churches of Santorini, from the grand, imposing ones towering over the caldera with their pristine beauty and iconic blue domes, to the tiny cave-like sanctuaries hidden in the crevices of hills and mountains, all play a major part in the daily life of the locals. More to it, the particular days of the year dedicated to the celebration of each church are days of joy, of gathering together in feasts known as ‘panigiria’ are among the highlights of every summer, and we highly recommend all visitors to attend at least once, for an up-close look at the vivacious local festivities.  Let’s take a look at the panigiria not-to-miss: religious feasts in Santorini worth a visit. 

The most famous panigiria in the vicinity of Apikia Santorini are also some of the most not-to-miss religious feasts in Santorini, with the most important one the panigiri of the ‘Metamorfosis tou Sotiros’ (the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ) in Pyrgos. This grand festivity takes place on August 5 & 6, and locals bring pots of basil to decorate the church and its surroundings, as well as cook local dishes such as fava and tomato fritters to treat all participants, who celebrate with music and dancing in the church’s courtyard and the neighbouring restaurants and taverns.

The Monastery of Profitis ilias (Prophet Elijah) at Pyrgos is another one of the famous celebrations of Santorini, and its more modest, pious feast is combined with the breathtaking views to the sea and the caldera from the monastery’s grounds. Also in Pyrgos, in the cave of ‘Katefhio’ and the secluded church of Saint George, the festivities are worth mentioning, as the fables surrounding this sanctuary are deeply treasured by the locals. 

Some more of the not-to-miss religious feasts in Santorini are those of Agii Anargiri in Megalochori on July 1, Agia Zoni in Kamari on August 31, Timiou Stavrou in Perissa on September 14, and Panagia Matrona in Finikia, held on October 20. If you are looking forward to experiencing the local panigiria, the Apikia concierge would be more than happy to inform you of the festivities held during your stay. 

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