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Pyrgos Restaurant: Tastes to discover in Santorini.

Santorini is famous for a multitude of wonders, and most revolve around the volcano and the heritage it has bequeathed on this tiny island in the heart of the Aegean Sea. It comes as no surprise that one of these wonders is the delightful local cuisine, an amalgam of tradition, creative inspiration and the rare, titillating taste of the exquisite local volcanic products. On one of the most privileged locations in the village of Pyrgos Kallistis, boasting majestic views and resplendent services, a sophisticated restaurant invites you to explore Santorinian gastronomy.

At the core of our cuisine there could only be one thing; the freshest local produce. From the velvety fava, a variety that has adapted to the harsh climate and volcanic soil to offer velvety smooth taste to the fiery Santorinian cherry tomatoes found nowhere else in the world, and from the impressive qualities of the white eggplants to the savoury taste of capers, our staples praise the uniqueness of Santorini’s taste. Worthy complements, the day’s catch and sumptuous seafood from the Aegean Sea, fine cuts from handpicked local ranchers and a supreme selection of acclaimed local and international wine labels, which are brought together in harmony by the creative inspiration of our chef to create a well-balanced sum, an ode to taste, an experience that enchants the palate – and the heart. These are the quintessential elements of the gastronomy of our Pyrgos Restaurant, and the tastes to discover in its immersive ambience, a spot perfect for every moment, from a simple meal to a grand celebration of life’s special moments.

Tastes born of tradition, recipes handed down and treasured through many generations, innovative inspiration, and respect to the motherland pave the way to a gastronomic journey that leads you to the tasty heart of Santorini. These are the tastes to discover in our Pyrgos Restaurant, the tastes we are sure will capture your gastro-loving hearts. Ask the Apikia concierge how to reach Pyrgos Restaurant, or how to plan a special event in our exquisite establishment.

In the meantime, take a more detailed look at Pyrgos Restaurant here: https://www.pyrgos-santorini.com/

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