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The highlights of Apikia Hotel

Apikia Hotel in Santorini is so much more than superb luxury accommodation. It is an amalgam of Cycladic beauty, architecture and enhanced hospitality services that create a holiday experience that transcends all norms and promises an unforgettable experience for even the most discerning of travellers. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of Apikia Hotel that redefine summer holidays in Santorini.

The first thing that one notices when entering Apikia Hotel is the breathtaking views spanning across the island, the caldera, and the sea. It is all thanks to our hotel’s privileged location, on the outskirts of the imposing Pyrgos village, once Santorini’s capital, due to its advantageous position high at the centre of the island. As you move forward exploring the highlights of Apikia Hotel, you will discover a dreamy array of exquisite accommodations, from signature suites with outdoor hot tubs or swimming pools to a private villa for the ultimate in holiday seclusion, all with spectacular panoramic vistas to the caldera, the Aegean and nearby islands.

Then, as you make yourself at home at our welcoming Apikia, you will discover a series of wellness treatments designed to help you rebalance body and spirit and reconnect with everything that matters the most. Our highly skilled team of expert therapists offer a breadth of massages inspired by diverse philosophies with roots in Chinese, Thai and Japanese medicine, Ayurveda, Native American Shamanism and more, as well as the exclusive Tibetan sound healing therapy retreat, a unique experience for all senses through the vibrations of the Singing Bowls, the sacred sound of the Gong and soothing, healing incantations.

In addition, a well-thought range of attentive concierge services created to free your mind from the day-to-day details such as transportation, tour and cruise arrangements, vehicle rentals, restaurant bookings and more, allows you the serenity to enjoy your holidays as they were meant to be, a self-indulgent, deeply relaxing, and utterly sybaritic experience for you and yours. And before we end with our showcasing of the highlights of Apikia Hotel, picture this: the sun slowly dives beyond the horizon, painting the sky with fiery colours; the mellow sound of a saxophone in the background adds tunes of happiness to the soundscape of your stay; a cocktail in hand along with scrumptious local delicacies complete the picture. This is what an evening at Apikia Hotel looks – and feels like. Are you tempted?

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